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Sandblasting is a method using sand or other types of media which when propelled using sufficient air pressure or centrifugal force can be used to clean and/or etch various surfaces and materials. Sandblasting is commonly used as a method of preparing surfaces to properly accept primer, paint and other coating processes; removal of paint, rust and other corrosive fungi; plaster preparation and concrete striping. Sandblasting is also used as a finishing process in itself for architectural projects, signage and a multitude of other applications and products.

BCP can perform sandblasting with a variety of abrasive media including sand, steel shot, glass beads and staurolite. Our experienced crews and high-performance equipment allow our customers to receive the highest level of quality workmanship.

Our sandblasting services are commonly applied to:

Cranes, draglines and other heavy equipment
Fencing, hand rails and fixtures
Concrete areas

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