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Electrostatic Painting
Elecrostatic Painting Services

Electrostatic painting is a specialized application using urethane coatings that takes advantage of an imposed electrical field generated between spray gun electrode and work surface. The process applies a positive charge to the paint while the item being coated is grounded, thereby producing electrostatic attraction. The benefit to this process is the capability to paint multi-sided or rounded objects from one direction with a uniform finish. The resultant coating has an extremely smooth finish.

Benefits of electrostatic painting:
Less over spray
effective material yield
higher transfer efficiency
time savings
superior finish quality

Applications for which we commonly use electrostatic painting:
Windows, frames
Exterior fixtures
Lighting polls
Chain link fencing
Sliding glass door frames
Furniture, appliances

Obviously this technique can only be performed when weather conditions permit. Some situations may call for the use of gravity-fed conventional spray guns.

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