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Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery

BCP offers an array of specialized disaster recovery and restoration services. We have categorized these below into our areas of expertise.

Disaster Services

Within 24 hours of notification, BCP can be on the disaster site with a fully staffed and equipped team. Reliable restoration begins with qualified people. Our team of professionals are trained to follow an organized plan with scheduled priorities and documented procedures.

BCP's goal is to keep businesses operational during such critical times. Our client-focused team is dedicated to delivering unrivaled service in an efficient and responsive manner.

BCP will:
Assess the damage that has occurred and take immediate steps to prevent further damage.
Determine the potential for successful restoration.
Develop a comprehensive plan to reduce downtime and restore productivity.
Provide a cost estimate and time projection.
Implement specific restoration procedures.
Provide consulting and/or project management services from our trained and experienced personnel

Wind Damage:

Hurricanes, Tornados and Wind Shears can create huge problems for residential properties and businesses alike. The catastrophic power of these systems can hit unexpectedly and leave trees blown over, broken windows, damaged structures, and a whole host of other serious problems. BCP will have emergency crews dispatched immediately to remove fallen trees, cut them up and remove all debris. Any broken windows or roof penetration will be boarded up, covered and replaced or rebuilt as soon as weather permits. BCP also offers restorative landscaping services which will help return your property back to original condition.

Water Damage and Dehumidification Services:

Our drying and dehumidification equipment ranges from residential models to industrial units that are capable of drying larger commercial buildings. Water damage must be completely and properly dried in order to help prevent mold problems that could further increase your loss. BCP Services uses the most advanced technical equipment and drying procedures available to ensure that the structure and its salvageable contents are restored with the best possible care.

Mold Remediation & Prevention Services:

At BCP, we understand the issues of health, safety and liability when it comes to mold. BCP has developed containment, construction and remediation techniques to comply with industry standards. We perform air-quality testing, take numerous moisture readings and constantly monitor the entire remediation process to ensure that a certified clearance is achieved.

BCP's resources include Certified Mold Remediators and Water Loss Specialists that specialize in mold remediation. Accurate record keeping, strict adherence to protocol and highly skilled technicians performing the operations are the reasons why BCP is your best choice for mold remediation.

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